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The PbS Scholarship Fund was established in 2016 to inspire, encourage and assist youths and staff pursuing post-secondary education. Two youths and two staff are selected to receive up to $2,000 each by the PbS Board of Directors based on the applicants’ essay explaining how he or she will “pay it forward” and use what they learn to better the lives of future generations.

Applications will be accepted from March 1- April 30, 2020. For more information click here.

Here are some stories from past recipients of the scholarship:

“When I hear the term “pay it forward” it resonates the idea of a cycle of good deeds as I intend to do so as I continue my studies in social work at Adelphi University. I plan on taking my experiences with juvenile justice and creating a collaborative model that will continue to bring together social workers, health practitioners, psychologist, therapist, and others to provide team based care for our at risk youth and families. Together, I can continue to push forth the change that encompasses legal and humanitarian notions. The PbS Scholarship and their efforts in supporting our youth worldwide has inspired the work that I do and plan to accomplish as I obtain my Master’s degree. The scholarship has granted an unforgettable opportunity and I am grateful.”

- Chad W., New York City

“I am extremely honored and proud of this accomplishment. I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things I can do with the awarded funds and most importantly how I can pay it forward in the future.”

– Evan P., Indiana

"The PbS Scholarship Program and their dedication to supporting incarcerated youth’s pursuit of higher education has given me the chance to not only pursue my master’s degree while incarcerated, but to change my life through educational reformation; It has been support from organizations such as PbS that has made dreams of a better life obtainable."

- Stephen K., Oregon

“I am blown away and very honored to be selected to receive this year’s PbS scholarship! Just prior to receiving notification that I was selected as a recipient of the scholarship, my assignment for class was to present my goals and aspirations for how I will put the work for my master’s degree into action. My goal is to design instructional courses that allow for adjudicated youth to utilize their natural intelligences and learned skills to navigate academic, career-based and social skill building materials. I wish to pay if forward by empowering these youth to take hold of their futures through education.”

- Eric D., Illinois

“I am so thankful that PbS saw how passionate I am about juvenile justice and my prospective career in helping our youth in excelling and integrating into a pro-social life. Through this scholarship and my education, I am able to learn more about ways that we can reform our justice system and work towards creating an environment which allows for youth to be their best selves and prosper. Thank you so much for this scholarship, which makes me even more prepared for advocating for youth and bettering our society.”

– Elizabeth F., Washington