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How To Join

PbS recognizes that juvenile facilities and programs across the country come in various sizes with unique challenges. PbS provides training, technical assistance and expert coaching to educate, support and guide sites to use its data-driven improvement model. New participants spend the first year mastering the basics of collecting and analyzing PbS data. PbS provides intensive training and mentoring services to ensure new participants hit the ground running.

Correction, Detention and Assessment Facilities

Review the PbS Candidacy Application Guide, before beginning the PbS application.

Community Residential
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  • Enroll in PbS to improve outcomes for youths, staff, families and communities. Learn more.

    Why Should Our Agency Join PbS?

    PbS uniquely offers participants outcome measures aligned with research and best practices to manage facility and program operations, programs and services in a timely manner so leaders and staff can continuously monitor conditions of confinement and quality of life. PbS standards set clear, measurable paths for providing safe and effective facility environments that support and help youths’ healthy development. PbS data and reports document what occurs in a facility on a daily basis to assess the impact of services and practices on youths, staff and families. PbS surveys of youths, staff and families provide the forum for feedback on facility safety, quality of programming and services, relationships and preparedness for return to the community. Additionally, PbS can save facilities and agencies money. Proactively avoiding potential incidents before they occur reduces exposure and liability to lawsuits and reduces worker’s compensation costs.

    How Can Our Agency Pay for PbS?

    1. Agency Funding
      • Most agencies report paying through direct agency funding or appropriation.
    2. Grant Funding such as
    3. Other Government Funding Sources
      • Medicaid is one example for a mental health focused program.