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PbS Merchandise

PbS Kiosk
The PbS kiosk replaces the need for collecting paper surveys by using a touch-screen kiosk. The process of giving surveys at a kiosk works the same way as it does on paper but eliminates the need to do any data entry. Taking a survey at the kiosk takes less time to complete, helps to foster anonymity and increases overall participation from youths, staff and families.

Learn more about the PbS Kiosk!
Badge Holder
The PbS badge holder allows you to display your badge and show your PbS spirit at the same time. The retractable cord extends up to 32” and with the clip provided on the back, you can wear the holder on your waistband, belt, pocket or collar.
The PbS lanyard comes in royal blue and allows you to attach your badge, access pass or keys.
The PbS post-it notes are great for reminders and important messages. There are 25 sheets in each pad.
PbS Pen
The PbS pen writes in medium point black ink and the ribbon grip allows for better writing comfort and control.
Tote Bag
The PbS tote bags have been featured in past Agency Coordinators Trainings and now we’re making them available for the PbS community. This durable bag is great for holding conference or office materials.
This 8.5” x 5.5” notepad is a must have for any office or home. The notepad comes with 25 sheets and is perfect for to-do lists or taking notes on the go.
PbS Flag
The 5 ft. x 3 ft. PbS flag is made of nylon which is great for durability and can be displayed outside a facility or in a central office.
Stress Ball
The PbS stress ball is a great to have at your desk. Give it a squeeze to help relieve stress throughout the day. Limited quantity.
20th Anniversary Tote Bag
This durable tote bag featuring PbS' 20th anniversary logo is great for holding conference or office materials. Limited quantity.

To place an order or request a quote, e-mail the PbS Helpdesk at help@pbstandards.org or call the office at 1-888-727-5482. Credit cards accepted.