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The PbS Cycle

A Data-driven Improvement Model

The PbS data-driven improvement model identifies, monitors and improves conditions of confinement and treatment services in residential facilities and programs using national standards and performance outcome measures. Agencies, facilities and programs in over 30 states currently volunteer to participate and commit to treating all youths in custody as one of our own. PbS builds performance improvement and accountability into agency, facility and program operations using a three-part cycle of activities: collecting data, analyzing the performance outcomes and summary data reports and the heart of PbS: using the data to create improvement and reforms.

1. Collecting Data

Twice a year PbS participants collect information by surveying youths, staff and families, and reporting administrative data, unusual incidents and the services offered by the facility or program. The information is entered into the PbS website or transferred using the PbS application program interface.

2. Analyzing Performance Outcomes and Summary Data Reports

At the end of each data collection period, PbS reports are calculated and show how a facility’s services and performance meet the PbS standards in safety, order, security, programming (education), health/mental health services, justice, reintegration and connection to family and social supports. Participants are given analysis tools to identify what works and what needs to be improved. For example, participants see outcome data compared to their previous data collections and to the PbS field. PbS also provides summary data reports for every data collection form that shows the total responses for each question asked and provides details that help diagnose outcome results. PbS Teams look at the reports, align the information with agency and facility goals and strategic plans and identify specific areas and outcomes they want to improve.

3. Creating Improvement and Reforms

Using the analysis of the data, participants work with a PbS coach to develop an improvement plan that sets the targets for change and the strategy and individuals to implement the improvement plan. The improvement plan is entered into the website and monitored for effectiveness by staff, agency leaders and the PbS coach. The plan becomes a living document for the PbS Team to measure successes and ensure the facility is meeting its goals and PbS’ standards.