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Education and Employment Foundation

PbS believes there should be education and employment equity for all youths and youths who have experienced the juvenile justice system need support and opportunities for meaningful educational and employment success that currently do not exist. We need to act now to ensure justice system-involvement doesn’t prevent youths from maturing to become a purposeful, self-sufficient and caring adults.

Research and experience shows that all youths have better life outcomes when they have had worthwhile and rewarding experiences at school and at work. Youths in the juvenile justice system miss those significant developmental experiences, which exacerbates the disadvantages such as poverty, trauma and abuse that likely led to their justice system involvement.

Established in 2019, the PbS Education and Employment Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity committed to supporting justice-involved youths as they return to their communities by providing funding to help youths achieve their education and employment goals. The Foundation was launched in to respond to increasing numbers of applications for PbS’ three annual education and employment awards: Scholarships for youths and staff to further post-secondary education, Employment Matching Awards for youths employed over the summer and Reentry Award to ease the overall transition from placement to community living so education and/or employment is possible. We intend to at least double the amount awarded during the first year of operations.

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