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Kim Godfrey

Executive Director, PbS Learning Institute

Kim is the executive director of the PbS Learning Institute, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving youth correctional programs, services and practices. Kim was hired when CJCA incorporated in 1994. In 1995 CJCA was awarded a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), US Department of Justice, to develop and implement Performance-based Standards (PbS) in Youth Correction and Detention Facilities and Ms. Godfrey has worked since then to create the PbS system of continuous improvement to help facilities and agencies raise the quality of life and better conditions of confinement in youth facilities nationwide. In 2004, PbS was named a winner of the Innovations in American Government Award by the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University and Ms. Godfrey served as the lead staff for the competition. She also serves as the executive director of the PbS Learning Institute, a subsidiary organization incorporated in 2004 to transition the free federally-funded PbS program to a income-generating non-profit venture that is sustainable and scaleable. She earned two master’s degrees: in journalism (Northwestern University) and criminal justice (Northeastern University.) She worked as a newspaper reporter for seven years prior to joining CJCA.

Akin Fadeyi

Deputy Executive Director

Akin is the Deputy Executive Director of the PbS Learning Institute. He was the PbS Implementation Director and Coach. As Implementation Director, Akin led the development of the PbS Candidacy program, the first year of participation that provides intensive training and technical assistance to ensure new participants start with a solid foundation for the PbS continuous data collection and reporting cycle. He oversaw the expansion of the PbS program to new jurisdictions, about 45 states so far. As a PbS Coach, Akin provides expert advice and constant encouragement to participating agencies and facilities to understand and maximize the benefits of PbS’ data-driven improvement model.

Prior to joining the PbS team, he served as the Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Juvenile Justice Services, Department of Human Services of the City of Philadelphia, PA. He was responsible for new program development and enhancement, and compliance with the City’s court consent decree on improvement at the detention center. He was Special Assistant at Youth Services Administration, Department of Human Services Washington, DC. Akin assisted the Administrator in the overall management of the agency and compliance with the City’s court consent decree to effect improvement in the juvenile justice system. He has worked in several spheres of public management and administration both in the United States and Nigeria. Akin has a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) degree and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Administration and Political Science from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

Brendan Donahue

Associate Director for Data and Technology

Since joining PbS in 2006 Brendan Donahue has been focused on using technology to improve the PbS user experience. He brings to every project a wealth of information on emerging web technologies such as design, usability, and front-end development. In his 11 years at PbS, Brendan has served as the lead project manager for new initiatives and technology innovation including the national roll-out of PbS' family engagement standards, development of touch-screen survey kiosks and the software integration of data systems to PbS. Brendan also manages PbS' technical support team and has used his strong desire to create meaningful user experiences and to develop interactive trainings and demonstrations delivered both in-person and over the web. Brendan has previously served as a freelance consultant helping small businesses on the south shore of Massachusetts with a variety of web and multimedia needs including graphic design, audio and video production and online marketing. Brendan has an Associate’s Degree from Quincy College in Business Administration and stays up to date on new technologies by attending Boston area trainings, meetups, hackathons and professional development seminars.

Patricia Rafferty

Program Specialist

Patricia Seekell is a program specialist for the PbS Learning Institute. She graduated from Villanova University with majors in Sociology and Criminal Justice. As an undergraduate, she tutored at SCI-Graterford in Pennsylvania to help inmates work toward obtaining their GEDs. Patricia has prior experience in survey research, criminal background investigating, as well as search engine optimization, content writing, and market research for a couple of small web-based companies. Patricia is a member of the PbS Help Desk team and coordinates special projects including the development of the reentry measurement standards.

Loura Coons

.Net Web Developer

Loura Coons is the .Net Web Developer for the PbS Learning Institute. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a M.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics with extensive graduate level Computer Science coursework, a B.S. in Mathematics with a focus on Bioinformatics and a minor in Computer Science. Loura has over four years of professional software engineering experience designing interactive training boards and dashboards for pharmaceutical management and updating/redesigning expense management software. Using the newest Microsoft technologies Loura is updating and extending the capabilities of the PbS website and survey engine and she is maintaining and extending the PbS android kiosk application.

Brian O'Neal

Program Assistant

Brian O’Neal is a program assistant for the PbS Learning Institute. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in Psychology, and has been involved with a variety of youth-centered non-profits prior to joining PbS. In New Orleans, Brian worked with disconnected young people as they achieved their educational and vocational goals, and helped to expand the services of a foster care advocacy organization by creating new programs for older youth. He has prior experience with content writing, program development, and database management. Brian is a member of the PbS Help Desk team and provides assistance on various PbS projects.

Cassie McGlynn

Executive Assistant

Cassie McGlynn is the executive assistant for the PbS Learning Institute. Prior to working at PbS, Cassie filled a number of supportive roles, recently working with students exhibiting special and behavioral needs as an administrator in a private day school. Cassie’s experience varies from analyzing trade data and filing claims for institutional investors in class action litigations to creating a Boston-based domestic violence agency’s first electronic service record database. She graduated from Curry College with majors in Psychology and Criminal Justice and continued her education at the University of Massachusetts Boston in Forensic Services.

Jaclyn Cirinna

Youth Coordinator

Jaclyn Cirinna is the Youth Coordinator for PbS Learning Institute. She Graduated from Salem State University with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. Jaclyn has years of personal experience in the juvenile justice system and is passionate about its reform. She currently is a member of Annie E. Casey's National Youth Council and plays various roles as a consultant for the Department of Youth Services in Massachusetts. Jaclyn is a member of the PbS Help Desk team and provides assistance on various PbS projects.